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On Saturday evening in Bangkok, a week and a half after the army seized power in a coup, about a dozen people gathered in the middle of a busy, elevated walkway connecting several of the capital's most luxurious shopping malls.

As pedestrians trundled past, the protesters sat down, pulled out book titles such as George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" and began to read.

In a country where the army has vowed to crack down on anti-coup protesters demanding elections and a return to civilian rule, in a place where you can be detained for simply holding something that says "Peace Please" in the wrong part of town, the small gathering was an act of defiance — a quiet demonstration against the army's May 22 seizure of power and the repression that has accompanied it.


От жеркова, неделю собиралась перепостить, руки не доходили.

оооо, как мы с подругами поем шепотом гимн. фу, смешно, но мы собираемся и поем гимн.
бабы такие дуры.


Via архивистка.

Это не пост о политике.